During a party, a friend of mine asked me if I could snap some awesome picks of her golden retriever - Theo. I didn't hesitate and said "Yes!" before she even finished her sentence (may have been my liver talking at that very moment, though). It didn't dawn on me until an hour before the shoot, that I've never actually photographed a dog before. What if it went total Roadrunner-mode? How am I supposed to get a good framing? And I just sold my 7D!

Long-story-short, that didn't happen. In fact, I was the one running, crouching and proning all over the place, attempting to cover every possible angle. He basically held a pose when he was told to. Even I could order him to hold still, up to 2-3 minutes! That really impressed me. My mom can't even sit that still for a few phone snapshots. Totally pawesome. (yeah, I'm a punny guy; deal with it).

"Yes!" to more pet portraiture!