Fitness shots

I have a childhood friend who is now based in Antwerp, Belgium. He owns his own fitness apparel, and does fitness photography on the side, plus some other businesses. Check out @archiemcgwirevisuals

He asked for my assitance one day, and assistance did he receive. 

He basically asked me to process an image for him, allowing me to do whatever I wanted with his photo.

Left: his attempt on the image. Right: original RAW image. 

My take:
1. Definitely color, not b/w
2. Attempt to enhance the clouds to give the picture more depth and texture
3. Straighten the lower body, perpendicular to the ground. Makes the pole look heavier and leaning towards the subject, rather than the subject leaning onto it
4. Give him a tan, which is normal for fitness shots
5. Crop away the top part of the pole
6. Minor dodging and burning

And the final result:

Satisfied client @max_czermak - successful collab